The Parkinson Council

The Parkinson Council is a local organization that’s dedicated to helping our neighbors impacted by Parkinson’s Disease. The Council funds critical research and programs at Philadelphia’s premier cultural and scientific organizations, from Penn to Jeff to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Branding a movement.

The Opportunity

The Council had a great reputation as a grassroots advocate and place to make connections. Web traffic was brisk. But their regional impact, and the fiercely loyal community they inspired, weren’t well known. They were often confused with national organizations, and their branding needed a more modern look.

The Solution

We began at the beginning­ – a new tagline and logo. “Your local partner in the movement against Parkinson’s Disease” introduced a big idea, a partnership of people, a rallying cry. A static city skyline gave way to a translucent bird, that symbol of movement, hope and progress. The Council’s new mobile-friendly website makes search simple, includes statistics on financial impact, and shares true stories from people involved in the movement. These stories bring the value of local focus to living, breathing life.

The Insight

People needed to understand the real benefits of the Council’s laser, local focus. Yet they also needed to see the Council as part of a larger, more dynamic whole.

The Result

The new site just launched, and we’re still measuring impact, so watch this space.

In the meantime, participation at the recent Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s was at a great success, with groups of people in sneakers and wheelchairs, with children and dogs, strolling down the Parkway and proving that movement really is what the Council is all about.

The Work