Campus Philly

Campus Philly encourages college students to study in the Greater Philadelphia region, and then live and work here after graduation. The goal is to keep our brightest minds close to home while fueling economic growth in our area.

We strengthened the organization that strengthens the Philadelphia economy.

The Opportunity

Campus Philly needed a dedicated strategy and distinct program offerings to engage the broader business community.

The Insight

Simply put, we realized not enough area businesses were aware of what Campus Philly offered or how it could benefit them.

The Solution

Grimm & Grove brought together Campus Philly’s staff and Board of Directors with funders, partners, and potential business partners through one-on-one meetings, PR opportunities and traditional marketing. We identified the greatest benefits to the business community and where there might be opportunities for additional programming and fundraising. We also helped show them how to use what the organization was already doing to provide untapped value that the business community would want to invest in, thereby creating a sustainable (and growing!) corporate program that Campus Philly has been able to nurture and grow. By developing a comprehensive corporate membership program, Campus Philly became a known (and very much appreciated) entity in the business community.

The Result

Today there continues to be more funding and more engagement with local and regional businesses, including over 25 new corporate partners.