City Ave District

The City Ave District is currently undergoing a transformation to make its perfect urban location even more livable through new zoning and numerous physical improvements.

A little something for everyone in City Ave.

The Opportunity

While Grimm & Grove had already helped create great interest in City Ave, the District wanted additional ways to create “buzz” in and around the community.

The Insight

Everybody is excited about City Ave—but for very different reasons.

The Solution

Grimm & Grove helped City Ave with a number of recent initiatives and partnerships. We created a new website that appeals to various audiences, including business tenants, residents, visitors, and real estate developers. We were able to further connect to the business community through our ongoing Lunch & Learn programs. The Food Spot event series attracts both residents and the City Ave work force by bringing in rotating gourmet food trucks and live entertainment every month. And we continue to promote the real estate opportunities created by the new zoning ordinance in the District.

The Result

These new initiatives are helping an already thriving community continue to grow and prosper. They have increased visibility of the District in many ways, including doubling likes on Facebook in three months, reaching more than 60,000 new people through a targeted paid Facebook promotion, and increasing traffic to the City Ave website by 30%.

Photo credit – Anthony Sinagoga