Two companies, actually. Athenian Properties and Razak Company. They were real estate service companies that worked jointly on many projects.

One brand. Two companies. Unlimited business possibilities.

The Opportunity

Both companies needed marketing and business development programs for the usual reasons: to broaden their relationship base, increase the prestige of their brands, and drive new business.

But we quickly discovered this was not business as usual.

The Insight

After a thorough and intense brand analysis of the two companies, we made a startling recommendation: that the two companies merge for a better market position. Less than a year later, they did.

The Solution

The new company, known as AthenianRazak, needed a brand. Grimm & Grove created new visual identity, website, collateral materials, and messaging to reflect the new corporate capabilities and values. We also found sponsorships, business development connections, membership opportunities, and media contacts.

The Result

Today, AthenianRazak is a powerful brand with an enhanced position in the marketplace. Their executives have made meaningful connections with regional influencers and potential clients, and have grown as a company significantly just in the last year.