Manbel Devco

Manbel Devco, a real estate developer, is working on developing the Shoppes at Belmont, a vibrant mixed-use development in Lancaster.

Successful mixed-use development comes from finding the right mix of partners.

The Opportunity

Manbel Devco wanted to enhance the public perception of a new development project in Lancaster County.

The Insight

Many hands make light work.

The Solution

We are creating a targeted campaign strategy, including identifying and reaching out to key project stakeholders and partners, cultivating campaign messaging, pinpointing and communicating with potential community partners for the project and developing key project collateral. The goal is to secure public support.

The Result

While the project is currently ongoing, one of the key outcomes has been an innovative partnership with the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County to archive and interpret the historic attributes of the property. By approaching this project thoughtfully, and engaging powerful strategic partners one-on-one, we’re getting community buy-in and creating lasting positive impressions.